Sagala Takes Lead In Organizing Workshop For All UNP Provincial Councilors: Aimed At Preparing Party For Upcoming Elections

Project Management, Youth Affairs and Southern Development Minister Sagala Ratnayaka took lead in organising a workshop for UNP Provincial Councilors on development activities carried out by the government across the country. 

The workshop took place at Temple Trees today, under the auspices of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. 

The objective of the workshop was to brief the UNP's grassroots level representatives on the ongoing development activities and communicate this core message to the party activists and supporters in villages. 

At the workshop, the UNP Councilors were asked to engage more with their electorates and counter the 'myths' spread by the government's political opponents. 

UNP sources said the workshop was also aimed at preparing the party for upcoming provincial and national level elections. 

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