Controversy Around Rosy's Personal Staff: Has Colombo Mayor Hired 18 People To Attend To Her Personal Grooming?

A controversy has sparked around Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake with a national newspaper reporting that she had hired a personal staff of 18 people to attend to her personal grooming. 

Although the newspaper does not officially mention her name, it leaves enough room to speculate that the story is referring to Rosy Senanayake, a former beauty queen who later took to politics. 

When contacted by Asian Mirror, a spokesman close to Senanayake categorically denied the story. He said there was no truth in the report and the media report was "ridiculous". However, an official statement by Senanayake has not been issued yet. 

"There is an organized campaign to tarnish the image of the Colombo Mayor," the spokesman said, adding that some disgruntled elements within the council might be behind such moves. 

"Recently, there was a fake news stating that the Buddha statue in the council had been removed following an order by the Mayor. It was later revealed that no such thing had taken place. In fact the Mayor herself denied the story," he added. 

"After that attempt failed," he added, "they have now launched another round of attacks with another fake news." 

As she took over as the Colombo Mayor, grapevine was abuzz with stories that she had allocated Rs. 5.7 million to renovate her toilet at the Mayor's residence. 

Issuing a statement later, Senanayake clarified that the money was allocated not to renovate one toilet, but six toilets located within the official residence of the Colombo Mayor. 

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