'Sarath Fonseka Ordered To Remove Prabkakaran's LTTE Combat Uniform And Cover His Dead Body With A Loincloth'

Senior Army officer Major General (retired) Chagie Gallage had revealed that it was former Army Commander Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka who ordered to take the LTTE uniform off Velupillai Prabhakaran's dead body. 

Prabhakaran's dead body was found from the Nandikadal area on the morning of May 19, 2009, following heavy gunfire.

Gallage was a Brigade Commander during the final phase of war and was in the battle field when the LTTE leader's body was recovered. 

In an interview with a Sinhala newspaper, Gallage had revealed that Fonseka yelled at senior Army officers for leaving the LTTE combat uniform on Prabhakaran's body. 

When the first footage of Prabhakaran's body went public, it still had the LTTE uniform. 

"Fonseka was livid. He ordered us to cover his body with a loincloth," Gallage said. 

He then added that he took away the LTTE's leader's body into an Army camp, covered it with a loincloth and brought it back to the place where it was found. 

When former LTTE stalwarts Karuna Amman and Daya Master visited the location and identified Prabhakaran's body, it was scarcely covered with a loin cloth. 

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