Wrongful Suspension Over Doping: Kusal Janith Perera Flies To London To Finalize Compensation Package From ICC

Sri Lankan Batsman Kusal janith Perera has flown to London to finalize his compensation package from the ICC having proved his innocence of a drug charge.

Perera is expected to consult his lawyers in London, who will take up the matter with the ICC. 

The cricketer's lawyers say his client was wrongfully suspended for doping by the ICC which later cleared the payer of his charges. 

ICC, acquitting Perera of charges, said there was no decisive evidence that Perera, who was suspended in December 2015, had used performance-enhancing substances after a detailed examination of the Qatar-based testing facility's finding 19-Norandrostenedione - the banned substance - in Perera's sample.

Soon after withdrawing the provisional suspension issued the ICC released a statement apologizing to the cricketer and said it would call for an urgent explanation from the World Anti-Doping Agency and the Qatar laboratory which tested Perera’s urine sample.

“We regret what Mr. Perera has had to endure,” David Richardson, ICC Chief Executive said in the statement. “Whilst I am confident that this is an isolated incident in respect of tests commissioned by the ICC, we are seeking an urgent explanation from WADA and the laboratory in an attempt to understand what has transpired and what will be done to ensure it does not happen again.”

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