Protestors Pelt Stones At Buildings And Doctors Vehicles In Galaha Hospital Premises: Charge Negligence Led to Child's Death

Angry protestors pelted stones at the Galaha hospital and the doctors' vehicles parked within the hospital premises following the death of a three and a half year old. 

The protesters alleged that the child died as the hospital failed to treat him on time. 

They alleged that a doctor attended to the child over two and a half hours after his admission to the hospital. 

He was admitted to hospital for prolonged fever. 

Hospital authorities, however, has denied that there was a discrepancy on the part of the hospital. 

The Police Special Task Force (STF) was deployed today to quell the tense situation in the Galaha hospital premises. As a result of the protest, day-to-day activities of the hospital got disrupted to a great degree. 

Central Province Health Director Shanthi Dissanayake told media that a formal inquiry into the incident would take place today. 

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