GMOA Says Politicians Who Provoked Public Over Doctors' Involvement In Political Issues Responsible For Attack At Galaha

The Government Medical Officers Association said politicians who provoked people against their involvement in political and social issues should take the responsibility for the attacks on a doctor at the Galaha Hospital yesterday. 

Issuing a statement, the GMOA said doctors provoked the public against doctors when they openly expressed dissatisfaction over the SAITM issue, the DCD issue and the Free Trade Agreement with Singapore. 

The GMOA said it would not post a doctor to the Galaga hospital until the Police arrested everyone involved in the clash yesterday. 

If the government fails to arrest them the GMOA will resort to a trade union action, the statement added. 

The GMOA said the Galaha hospital had one one Doctor and he faced difficulties when he had to treat several patients in critical condition at the same time. 

As a result of the incident, the GMOA said, the doctor and the staff members of the hospital were under "severe mental stress."

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