Chathura Senaratne Makes Trademark Wedding Speech: "Ambassador Was Shocked When Wife Sacrificed US Residency For Me"

Parliamentarian Chathura Senaratne, making a trademark wedding speech yesterday said, his wife, Sarupa Samangi, turned down the Permanent Residency of the United States as she wanted to be with him. 

The Parliamentarian got married at a ceremony held at Temple Trees yesterday, attended by a large number of Parliamentarians and guests. 

The event is the first wedding ceremony to be held at the Official Residence of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. 

Making a wedding speech at the ceremony yesterday, Senaratnne said the US Ambassador was shocked to hear the refusal as this was the first time in his diplomatic career that a person refused the Permanent Residency of the US. 

"About three generations of her family has been in the US. She could have easily become a Permanent Resident of America."

"She made that sacrifice as she wanted to honour an advise given by Athuraliye Rathana Thera. Rathana Thera advised her to stay with me no matter what," Senaratne said. 

While Senaratne made this remark, National List Parliamentarian Rathana Thera was also in the audience. 

He also said his wife did not pursue medical education in a state university as she wanted to support what he did.

"We had a dream together. We wanted to see a change in the country. We were able to fulfill that," Senaratne said. 

He also added that he was not just a politician's son, but a person who has worked his way up in politics. 

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