Court Turns Down Two Requests By Police To Issue Orders Against Joint Opposition Protest In Colombo

September 04, 2018

Court turned down two requests by the Police to issue orders against the protest organized by the Joint Opposition in Colombo tomorrow. 

The Welikada Police station sought an order from court to prevent protesters from entering the Welikada Police area. The order, however, was turned down by the Magistrate. 

The Cinnamon Garden Police also sought an order to carry out the protest without causing public disturbance. This too was rejected by the Colombo Additional Magistrate. 

The itinerary of the protest march by the Joint Opposition has not yet been announced. 

Parliament, however, was adjourned till tomorrow over a heated debate about the Joint Opposition's protest march. 

Government MPs accused the opposition of trying to destabilize the country through public demonstrations. 

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