Namal Says Supporters "Mobilizing And Gearing Up" Since Last Night: Ranjan Wants Them To Visit Chillaw, Katunayake And Rathupaswela

September 05, 2018

Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa said many supporters were mobilizing and "gearing up" to ensure their participation in the 'Jana Balaya Kolambta' rally organized by the Joint Opposition.

 "Their voices will be heard," Rajapaksa said, in a Tweet, last night. 

He also added the peoples frustration with what he termed the 'heartless policies' of the government was quite visible as there was "unprecedented support" for the Joint Opposition's protest. 

Rajapaksa alsp conducted a meeting last night for Joint Opposition MPs and organisers to make final arrangements for the protest.

However, the location of the final rally and its itinerary have not yet been given to the participants or ground level organizers, Asian Mirror learns. 

Meanwhile, in a Twitter post, Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayaks requested Namal Rajapaksa to make sure that his "slaves"paid tribute to Anthony, who was killed during a protest under the Rajapakaa administration, while passing Chillaw. 

Ramanayake also told them to remember Roshen Chanaka in Katunayake as he too was killed while taking part in a protest rally. 

The Deputy Minister also requested those coming from Kandy to spare a moment to go to Weliveriya and remember the three people who died during a protest in Rathupaswala, in 2013. 

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