'Jana Balaya' Of Joint Opposition And 'Pacha Balaya' Of Media Fully Defeated': PM Says At Party Convention

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today said the 'Jana Balaya' of the Joint Opposition and the 'Pacha Balaya' (the power of falsehood) of media had been fully defeated.

Addressing the 72th anniversary celebration of the United National Party (UNP) today, Wickremesinghe accused the media of attempting to undermine the government. 

"The government made a historic achievement yesterday. Our Deputy Leader started 138 housing schemes in the country. Can you tell me a single media institution that reported this story?" the Prime Minister asked. 

"I will give a Cabinet ministry to anyone who is able to answer this question," he quipped. 

Wcirkemesinghe said some people were suggesting to postpone the UNP convention due to the protest by the Joint Opposition yesterday. 

"They said the Joint Opposition was going to lay siege to Cololmbo and the UNP would not be able hold the party convention today," Wickremesinghe explained. 

"I told them not to worry about what they do. We have to focus on what we have to do," he added. 

The Prime Minister also stated that he had groomed a new generation of leaders who can lead the party to form a government even after 2030.

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