Harsha Contradicts Ajith P Perera's Public Statement: Says Only One Drunk Protester Hospitalized By Suwaseriya Ambulance

September 07, 2018

State Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva contradicted a statement made by his party colleague, State Minister Ajith P. Perera, on the number of drunk Joint Opposition protesters who were hospitalized in 'Suwaseriya' ambulances.

Addressing a press conference on the evening of September 05, Perera said 81 drunk protesters who were lying unconscious on Colombo streets were picked up by Suwaseriya ambulances and hospitalized. 

Issuing a statement on social media yesterday, De Dilva said this statement was wrong and only one drunk protester was picked up by a Suwaseriya Ambulance. 

The State Minister also posted details on where the protester was picked up and where he was taken to by the ambulance. 

Many Joint Opposition stalwarts, including Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, thanked de Silva for his quick clarification which saved the organizers of the protest from humiliation. 

However, the Joint Opposition and it's associates launched a scathing attack on the Suwaseriya ambulance service when it was launched with the assistance of the government of India.

Meanwhile, there were  reports that some protesters were hospitalized after possible food poisoning. Those who admitted to hospital were supporters who came from the Dehiattakandiya area.. 

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