New Video Evidence Indicates Vegetable Seller Overturned Cart Himself After Authorities Asked Him To Move It

September 10, 2018

 More video evidence has surfaced on social media indicating that reports that Panadura Municipal Council workers had overturned the cart of a vegetable seller were false.

According to the video evidence in our possession, the vegetable seller overturns the cart in anger himself after being asked to move it to a different location.

A policeman can be seen explaining to the young man that he had to move his cart to a different location because he was obstructing pedestrians.

The policemen inform the young man that he should follow procedure and obtain a permit from the relevant authorities before setting up a stall in the middle of the road.

The incensed young man is seeing overturning his vegetable cart and berating officials for not seeing his perspective.

It was video evidence of the young man forcibly asking the police, other municipal authorities and the people around him why they were punishing him for conducting legal business that was initially circuated widely on social media.


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