No More Animal Sacrifices In Religious Places: Cabinet Decides To Ban Animal Slaughter In The Name Of Religion

September 11, 2018

The Cabinet, this morning, passed a proposal to ban animal slaughter in Hindu religious places. 

The decision comes after serious lobbying by animal rights activists and Hindu priests who are against animal slaughter. 

The Hindu Relihious Affairs Ministry and the Ministry of Buddha Sasana worked hand in hand in drafting the proposal against animal slaughter. 

Previously, Jaffna High Court too issued a verdict banning animal sacrifices in Hindu religious places. 

Mass animal sacrifices are made in the name of certain dieties at Hindu religious places, across the country - a practice abhorred by a large section of the Hindu community. 

The Jaffna High Court, in its verdict, stated that the killings of animal in these religious places were not done according to the Butchers Ordinance - the law which governments animal slaughter in the country. 

The Butchers Ordinance makes permission from the state mandatory for any kind of animal slaughter. 

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