Commercial High Court Orders Wimal Weerawansa To Pay Rs. 10 million To Tilvin Silva For Violating IP Rights Of JVP

The Colombo Commercial High Court today ordered UPFA PArliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa to pay Rs. 10 million to JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva as compensation for violating intellectual property rights.

The Commercial High Court also prohibited Weerawansa from publishing the book titled "Neththa Wenuwata Eththa". 

The court ruled that the book had violated the intellectual property rights of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna of which Weerawansa was the Propaganda Secretary until 2008.

JVP Propaganda Secretary Tilvin Silva filed the case in the Commercial High Court today claiming Weerawansa's book had violated the party's Intellectual Property Rights. 

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