Colombo Magistrate Demands Rs. 50 Million From Ravaya Newspaper

A letter of demand sent by Colombo Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage has demanded the Ravaya newspaper to pay a sum of Rs.50 million as loss and damage caused to him by several defamatory publications. 

The Magistrate has instructed attorney-at-law Ruwantha Cooray to post this letter of demand asking the Ravaya newspaper to pay the said amount within 14 days.
The Magistrate stated that the Ravaya had published two news articles dated August 10 and 17 this year under the headings "kotuwe mahesthrath langa hora aliyek, kelen allagath aliyek yei viganana kiyai and vinusuruge hora aliya gena thawa duratath".
The Magistrate stated that the content of the said articles was false and had been published with malice towards him with the ulterior motive of tarnishing the goodwill, good name and his reputation.
The Magistrate further stated that he was possessing an elephant purchased for valuable consideration through Dissanayake Bandarage Chandraratne Yatawara, a holder of valid license issued by the relevant authority in terms of Fauna and Flora protection ordinance.
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