Controversy Continues At Rupavahini: No Festival Advance For Rupavahini Employees Due To "Lack Of Funds": Chairperson Refuses To Resign

Controversy continues at Rupavahini with the under-fire Chairperson, Inoka Sathyangani, unable to pay the Sinhala and Hindu New Year allowances for the employees.

The festival allowance, which is paid to all state employees, has been held back by the Chairperson due to a lack of funds.

Sathyangani informed the Ministry that her institution does not have the necessary funds to make the payments.

However, it has now emerged that the Board of Directors had previously approved phone allowances for their Executive Directors while ignoring the pending financial shortfall.

The allowances were supposed to be paid by the 10th of April. 

The Ministry of Mass Media has urged the Chairperson to make the payment immediately to ensure the employees are paid before they go on holiday for the New Year.

Pressure is rising on Sathyangani as all other state media institutions have paid their employees without any delays. 

Sathyangani has come under fire from the unions and political sections as she continues to refuse to resign despite being instructed to do so by her subject Minister.

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