Tamil Diaspora Groups Wreaking Havoc In Jaffna - Maj. General Udaya Perera

Commander, Security Force Headquarters - Jaffna(SFHQ-J) Major General Udaya Perera said that the Tamil Diaspora is "wreaking havoc" in Jaffna as a way of gaining petty advantages and ensuring heir survival in foreign countries.

Udaya Perera told that the responsible parties for the uneasiness in Jaffna are none other than Tamil Diaspora groups who have taken asylum in other countries and that they continue to hemorrhage funds through certain extremist political parties in Sri Lanka. 

"They want to disrupt restoration of peace and harmony in Jaffna. If normalcy returns to the area, they have difficulties in ensuring their survival in other countries,' the military chief added. He also said that false propaganda formed an integral part of their hate-campaign against the government of Sri Lanka and the military. 

The Major General made these comments while holding a discussion with the delegates who visited the Northern Province after the fourth consecutive Sri Lanka Defence Summit.

Defence Advisories from Australia, Ghana, Sambia, Netherlands and from 11 other countries were among the delegation who visited the Northern Province.

During the visit the foreign delegation was briefed on the post-war situation and the development projects commencing the Northern Province by Major General Udaya Perera.   


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