Vidura Lashes Out At Monstrous Cabinet Of UPFA Govt

UPFA Kalurata District Parliamentarian Vidura Wickramanayaka criticized the ‘monstrous’ cabinet in Sri Lanka saying a Cabinet of thirty ministers is more than enough for the country.  

Speaking to a vernacular newspaper today, Parliamentarian Vidura Wickramanayaka said that the inefficiencies within the country could be minimized with a more controlled number of Ministers. He added that the present government has appointed multiple ministers for some sectors expanding the Cabinet ‘unnecessarily’.

The parliamentarian said that there are 107 ministers already and that the government has to deploy additional assets to comply with their requirements.

“The government should stop handing out Ministerial Positions in order to satisfy needs of certain people or out of sheer sympathy ”, he said.

However, Wickramanayaka maintained that a smaller Cabinet with increased powers would be more effective to a country like Sri Lanka while adding that the government should look into the existing issues of the country rather than trying to increase the number of Cabinet members.

He also claimed that the government has failed to mete out justice to certain members of the SLFP when handing out Ministerial Positions.

“Anyway the government has willingly handed out Ministerial positions to certain people who have jumped from nowhere to the party”, he asserted.

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