Embattled UNP Now Seek The Possibility Of Nominating Presidential Candidate On The Same Day The Party Signs MOU For Proposed Alliance

The embattled United National Party is currently discussing the possibility of nominating its Presidential candidate on the same day they sign the MOU on the formation of the proposed alliance.

The signing of the MOU has been postponed indefinitely as the party has not been able to come to an agreement on the Presidential candidate.

The affiliated parties of the UNP have informed to the party leadership that the main party should resolve their internal issues over the Presidential candidacy before the signing of the MOU.

In a desperate attempt to reach a compromise, the UNP is now discussing the possibility of announcing the candidate on the same they sign the MOU for the alliance.

The UNP will hold a crucial discussion at Temple Trees tomorrow on the formation of the proposed grand alliance for the next Presidential election.

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