Buddhist Monk Requests Government Permission To Install VIP Emergency Lights In His SUV And Tint Windows

A prominent Buddhist monk has requested permission from the government to install "VIP emergency lights" in his SUV and tint its windows.

The letter requesting permission, which is now shared widely on social media, has been written by the Chief Incumbent of the Keragala Padmavati Rajamaha Viharaya.

The justification for the installation of VIP emergency lights and tinted windows, according to the letter, is his frequent visits to Kandy to meet the Mahanayake and Anunayake Theras.

Such facilities are usually used by Cabinet ministers and heads of defence forces under special circumstances.

Recently, a Maths tutor landed in a controversy when his 'VIP bodyguards' assaulted a van driver for obstructing the way of their defenders.

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