De Lanerolle Brothers Distance Themselves From 'Prophet' Kirby And Fiona De Lanerolle: 'We Are Members Of The Anglican Church'

The famed Sri Lankan musical duo, The De Lanerolle Brothers have released a statement distancing themselves from the controversial charismatic Christian 'prophet' Kirby De Lanerolle.

In a public statement posted on Facebook, the brothers said they wished to inform the public that they are children of Rohan de Lanerolle Sr. and Ganjalee De Lanerolle (nee Fernando) and have no other siblings.

While stopping short of naming the controversial Christian prophet Kirby De Lanerolle, the brothers reject allegations they act as a front for any other institution or person, and clarify that they have been Anglican Christians from birth.

The statement comes as controversy erupted in Colombo after a U.S. Minister joined Indian and Sri Lankan Ministers in denouncing charismatic Christian prophet Kirby De Lanerolle, who reportedly performs miracles such as making gold dust and money appear and advocating for breatharianism, or to live from the air and not food.

The U.S., Indian and Sri Lankan Ministers had alleged the preacher Kirby De Lanerolle, who is known to his followers as Prophet K. of preaching 'un-Biblical' and 'new age' doctrine that mixes Eastern mysticism with misquoted parts of the Bible.

The full statement by the De Lanerolle Brother's is reproduced below:


In the recent past there have been accusations that the two organisations mentioned above act as a front for another institution / individual / organisation.i>

THE DE LANEROLLE BROTHERS wish to state & inform the general public that they are children of Rohan de Lanerolle Snr & Ganjalee De Lanerolle (nee Fernando). They have no other siblings & have been members of the Anglican church from their birth. Rohan attends the Chapel of the Transfiguration at S Thomas' College Mount Lavinia with his family while Ishan along with his family worship at the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour at Bauddhaloka Mawatha Colombo 7. Ishan has also been functioning as the Director of the Cathedral choir for almost 8 years. Abacus Tea Private Limited, is a tea packaging company in operation since 2008, from its inception it's only Directors & shareholders have been Rohan Snr, Ganjalee, Rohan and Ishan. It has not been and is not a subsidiary or an associate company of any other organisation or firm.

This is in response to the numerous queries received / questioned on social media and can be shared with anyone who has been misled.

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