CBK Says 95% SLFPers Opposed To Agreement With SLPP: Criticizes President Sirisena For Betraying The Party For Personal Gains

Former Presidrent Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga yesterday said nearly 95% of the SLFPers were against the decision to support SLPP candidate Gotbahaya Rajapaksa at the upcoming Presidential election.

Issuing a media release yesterday, Kumaratunga said she was deeply disappointed with the SLFP's decision to support Rajapaksa, as the move sharply contravened the core principles of the SLFP.

Kumaratunga is currently a Patron of the party - a position she shared with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for several years.

Kumaratunga said she would commit her life to protect the party and the interests of its supporters. She criticized President Maithripala Sirisena for betraying the party for personal gains.

The SLFP obtained over 5000 votes at the recently held Elpitiya PS election, securing a percentage of 13%.

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