Sagala Says Sajith Premadasa Presidency Will Address Long-Running Issues: Promises Solutions To Political Victims And Land Issues

Ports, Shipping and Southern Development Minister Sagala Ratnayaka said UNP Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa's ascension to power would dawn a new era for all UNP supporters across the country, as their long-standing grievances would be addressed by the Premadasa government.

Addressing a meeting in Pasgoda, Ratnayaka said the current government delivered significant results on the development front, despite many difficulties.

"Our progress was hampered by natural disasters, the collapse of a garbage dump, and many other issues. But, the biggest difficulty was the President's decision to cling to his party leadership and engage in party politics within the government," Ratnayaka said.

"As a result, many policy decisions that were aimed at benefitting the poor were put on the backburner," he added.

The Minister said their candidate, Sajith Premadasa's ascension to power would ensure that problems concerning the UNP grassroots level members are duly addressed.

"Proposals to address the grievances of political victims were blocked at the cabinet level. The same fate befell our attempts at resolving land issues. Only a UNP President could address such delays," he said.

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