Basil Lashes Out At External Forces Who Strive To "Destabilize" SL

Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa has said that he will not allow external forces to enter the country and disrupt its peace.

Speaking at a meeting in Jaffna, Basil Rajapaksa said that external forces trying to interfere with Sri Lanka's affairs in the name of democracy are attempting to jeopardize the stability of the country. The minister requested people of Jaffna to not to give in to external forces or to assist them in any way.

He maintained that in the past external forces who entered Sri Lanka forcibly destroyed the country's peace and harmony, while adding that the country is still not completely from 'suspicious outsiders' who are on various missions involving Sri Lanka. 

The Economic Minister's remarks were directed at some elements of the Tamil Diaspora using their influence in western countries to pressurize the government of Sri Lanka. 

The minister added that “certain organizations who claim themselves as protectors of democracy are putting the country's hard-earned peace at risk. 

“We will not give-in to external forces which are determined to demolish the balance of the country nor will we allow them to place the peace of the country in jeopardy”, he said.

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