Demining 98 Percent Complete

The Military Media Spokesman Brig. Ruwan Wanigasuriya states that nearly 98 percent of landmines in the Northern and Eastern Provinces have been cleared. This has cleared all areas needed to restore civilian life in the North to normalcy, he further stated.

Speaking at a media briefing recently, he said only 80 square kilometers of the total of 5000 square kilometers remain to be cleared. The Brigadier described this as a great achievement leading to restore normal civilian life in the conflict affected areas.

Immediately after the war, it was estimated that there were landmines in an area of about 5000 square kilometres. All areas essential to civilian life have already been demined. Meanwhile, demining in the remaining area was being conducted.

The Army had made the largest single contribution of about 68 percent for the removal of landmines. Local and foreign Non-Governmental Organizations supported in the demining in the other areas.

Brig. Wanigasuriya added that the remaining 80 square kilometres within the North and the East are now being demined and that more landmines have been uncovered in the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts.

He had earlier stated that the last phase of the work was the most difficult as will take even two to three years since the difficult areas remained to be demined. These need special skill, he had said.

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