UPDATE: Harin Fernando Gives Three-Hour Statement To CCD: Sends Letter Of Demand To Singer Iraj Weeraratne

The Cololmbo Crimes Division (CCD) today questioned former Minister Harin Fernando for nearly three hours regarding a complaint lodged by former MP Kavinda Jayawardena.

Jayawardena lodged a complaint with the Police over a video clip of sexually explicit nature. The former MP said the clip was aimed at tarnishing his reputation.

"Today I visited the CCD and assisted the Police regarding the investigations on the purported video. I made my statement and the truth will come out soon," Fernando tweeted.

"In the meantime, My lawyers have sent the 1st LOD to Iraj Weeraratne. Once the proposed action is concluded whatever damages I may get will go to a fund to assist the Covid victims," he also added.

Following the complaint lodged by the former MP, the Police launched an immediate inquiry into the incident and questioned several individuals including singer Iraj Weeraratne and former PC member Malsha Kumaratunga.

Weeraratne had apparently told investigators that the video clip he received originated from Harin Fernando.

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