GL Accuses Navi Pillay Of Exceeding Her Mandate

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris, addressing the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva a short while ago, lashed out at UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillai saying she has stepped out of her mandate in her report on Sri Lanka's human rights record. 


The Sri Lankan Foreign Minister stated that the UN Human Rights High Commissioner had made arbitrary and intrusive political recommendations on Sri Lanka while adding that the report lacked sensitivity.

He also added that the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights has not acknowledged Sri Lanka's very tangible progress on the reconcilation front. However, the Foreign Minister made it clear that Sri Lanka was willing to engage with the UN and the UN Human Rights Council. 

Commenting on the measuers that the government has already taken in the direction of reconciliation, Peiris said Sri Lanka has made significant progress when it comes to resettlement of IDPs. He also recalled some serious attrocities committed by the LTTE saying ill-trained LTTE cardres opened fire at fleeing civiliations.

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