JHU Will Not Compromise On Constitutional Amendment: Rathana Thera

JHU Parliamentarian Athuraliye Rathana Thera said today that his party's position on a constitutional amendment before the next presidential election will not be compromised at any cost.

Speaking to reporters in Colombo, Rathana Thera, who recently launched a set of proposals pertaining to a constitutional amendment, said his party made its position clear to the President yesterday at the meeting held between the two parties.

When asked whether he was positive about the outcome of the meeting, Rathana Thera said he was open minded about the whole process.

"We are not positive or negative about anything. The President appointed a committee to look into our proposals and they are scheduled to present their recommendations in five days and we are open-minded about their recommendations," he added. 

"However", Rathana Thera said, "there will be no interim agreement on constitutional amendment. The JHU is firmly of the view that there will no compromise on that particular matter."

The JHU has already demanded the government to adopt '19th Amendment to the constitution, introduced by the 'Pivithuru hetak' movement, before announcing a presidential election. 

Government spokespersons have already confirmed that the presidential election will be held in January, next year.

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