UNP Pledges To Remove Legal Barriers On Fonseka After Next Presidential Election

UNP General Secretary and Parliamentarian Tissa Aththanayake has said that the UNP will do justice to former Army Commander and Democratic Party Leader Sarath Fonseka within 72 hours when a UNP president ascends to power.

The UNP General Secretary has made these remarks in a context where an understanding is building between the two parties where the next presidential election is concerned.

"UNP will remove all legal bartiers on Sarath Fonseka after the next President of Sri Lanka is elected" Attanayake said to the cheering crowds who gathered at Hype Park on Tuesday to take part in a rally organized by the main opposition party.

“Sarath Fonseka was the true guide in Sri Lanka’s victory against the Liberation Tigers of Tami Eelam (LTTE), the UNP does not forget one's contribution in saving this country and we will definitely grant all his rights back - which the UPFA government has so mercilessly taken away”, Aththanayake said.

The Parliamentarian maintained that ‘while harbouring mass murderers such as Kumar Padmanadan (KP) who was a known firm supporter of the LTTE the government has even deprived Fonseka of his right to vote.’

Democratic Party leader Sarath Fonseka has already shown his inclination to work with the UNP at forthcoming national level election.

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