JHU To Abstain From First Round Of Vote On Budget 2015

The Jathika Hela Urumaya,  a constituent party of the ruling UPFA, has decided to abstain from the first round of voting on the Budget 2015, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

A spokesman of the party told Asian Mirror that the party has made the decision as discussions between the government and the JHU have still not arrived at a settlement.

Another round of discussions between the government and the JHU is scheduled for next week. The JHU has informed the government that it would not settle for anything short of a constitutional amendment before the next presidential election.

However, the government has already informed the HGU has it does not have sufficient time to introduce a comprehensive constitutional amendment as the presidential election is likely to be announced in the third week of November.

The JHU spokesman added that the party’s support to the government at the third reading of the budget will depend on the outcome of the discussions with the government.

The government still has time to implement our proposals. We are constantly monitoring the way the government proceeds on this matter. At the same time, we will hold discussions with other political parties too,” JHU Parliamentarian Athuraliye Rathana Thera said early this week.

 He said If the government did not act in accordance with the JHU proposals, it would with withdraw its support before the next presidential election.

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