Over 100 Families Evacuated From Koslanda Due To Landslide Fears

In fear of possible landslides 101 families from the Koslanda, Meeriyabedda and Haldummulla areas have been evacuated.

Asian Mirror correspondent reported that the Disaster Management Center (DMC) took this decision due to a crack which has appeared on the ground above the place where the landslides occurred earlier this month.

The DMC has taken steps to remove 408 civilians from the Koslanda Sri Ganesha Vidyalaya also in fear of landslides.

A massive mudslide, triggered by torrential rains, swept away scores of homes at a tea estate in the hill country.

The landslide which struck the Meeriyabaddawatta Koslanda in Badulla district, about 220 km east of Colombo on October 29 morning sent shock waves across the country. It was initially thought that as much as 200 people might be missing, buried under the mud.

However, when the chaotic situation cleared, it was found that the missing number was much less.

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