Harin Fernando Says 'I Am The Common Candidate'

Uva Province Opposition Leader and Former UNP Parliamentarian Harin Fernando has said that he responds all queries as to who the common candidate will be by saying "I am the common candidate."

Speaking at a meeting at Galigamuwa yesterday, Fernando has said that the question of the common candidate has become the most frequently asked question. "90 out of 100 people who talk to me ask this question," he sadi. He further stated that he responds by saying "I am the common candidate, now is there a problem?" to end the conversation then and there.

Fernando also said that the time to reveal the common candidate is still not right. "Even in a cricket match, until the toss you do not know the final team playing" he added.

However Fernando challenged the government to reveal its Prime Ministerial candidate in a forthcoming General Election, alleging that the government cannot reveal the true identity as it will cost them votes.

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