'Facebook Is Responsible For Failure Of New Players' :Mahindananda

Sports Minister Mahindanada Aluthgamage has said that the unsatisfactory performance of younger cricketers was partly due to social media such as facebook.

Speaking to a radio talk show last night, he has said that the recentlIndian tour was undertaken to give young players a chance. Although losing all five matches was a unsavory experience, it was not a catastrophy he said, adding that if such defeats had occurred during the upcoming tours of Australia and New Zealand, one could say it was a serious situation.

He added that in earlier days, cricketers were committed to their game, and obtained the necessary practice, food and sleep accordingly. However, the younger players are addicted to the social media and other diversions. Aluthgamage said he has been informed by the Chairman of the Selection Committee that players on tours are awake in their rooms even after midnight, surfing facebook.

"I cannot say some of these things in public" the Minister added, stating that new regulations are in need to stop this situation from continuing.

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