"Vote For Any Candidate But MR":JVP Explains Position On Common Candidate

 JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake today urged the public to vote for any candidate at the forthcoming Presidential election, except President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He made these remarks at a press conference in Battaramulla that was held to explain the JVP’s position on the presidential election.

“We do not claim responsibility for any person. We are not a main party on the subject of ‘presidential election’. But this is an opportunity for the public to express their anger against the dictatorial rule. The election campaign of the government is already heading in the direction of violence. They are attempting their best to tighten their grip on power,” the JVP Leader said.

He added that the JVP will make their maximum effort to ensure defeat for the rule of President Mahinda Rajapaksa as part of their struggle to restore justice, democracy and human rights in the country.

 “We are not on the stage of any candidate. But we can work together at certain points, under certain circumstances. For instance, we can work together to have a fair and peaceful election. We can form a common front against violence. But we are not conditioned to support a particular candidate,” Dissanayake also added.

Commenting on various challenged posed by ministers of the present government, the JVP Leader sad such claims were nothing but frivolous.

“They ask as to why we take a stand on candidates of the presidential election, if the election is illegal. That is a frivolous remark. That means who can choose to be a rogue; and everyone around him should support that effort.”

He added that the JVP has embarked upon the struggle to restore democracy and that will not stop at the presidential election.



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