Three Pronged Manifesto For Maithri: Launch Scheduled After Nominations

The Common Opposition will present an election manifesto that is based on three main points, highly placed political sources told Asian Mirror this evening (27).

“The manifesto, which will be short and concise, will focus on three main points – namely bringing sovereignty back to the people, eradication of corruption and ensuring transparency and good governance,”  a strongman of the common opposition, who was instrumental in drafting the manifesto, told ‘Asian Mirror’ .

Party sources said that the manifesto will officially be launched soon after the date of nomination. They said the manifesto was drafted in a manner that would be appealing to all the political parties and civil organizations that come under the common opposition. “Hence, a lot of focus was given to clarity and conciseness,” the spokesperson added.

The manifesto, according to him, will encapsulate the core values and principles of every party that has come together to form the common opposition – which fielded Maithripala Sirisena as its presidential candidate.

When contacted by Asian Mirror, Karu Jayasuriya, Chairman of the UNP Leadership Council said, the opposition has not yet arrived at a final decision on the launch date of the election manifesto.

“The common opposition is still in the process of finalizing the manifesto and the Memorandum of understanding,” the UNP Leadership Council Chairman said. The MOU will address matters pertaining to the abolition of Executive Presidency and forming a national government for 100 days after coming to power to introduce ‘immediate changes’ to the system of governance.


Jayasuriya also stated that the signing of the MOU will take place on Monday with the participation all parties coming under the common opposition. 

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