"State Money Siphoned Off For Election Propaganda" : Harsha

Economist and UNP Parliamentarian Harsha De Silva has said that a majority of the state sector’s leading officials have become ‘puppies’ of the ruling party. 

The  UNP Parliamentarian said that the main reason for the failure in the government sector is due to a large amount of state resources being used for the ruling party’s publicity and propaganda campaigns of the government ahead of the presidential election. 

“The entire state sector has become severely politicized. A majority of the state sector’s revenue is being used for election propaganda”De Silva said in an interview with a vernacular newspaper today.

De Silva asserted that millions and millions of tax payers' money is being used for the ruling party’s political agendas and that this money is siphoned off from state authorities.  

"State officials are helpless and they are compelled to follow the orders coming from the top. They have decided to remain silent because they fear far-reaching consequences. This 'culture' has to stop," the UNP Parliamentarian said in his interview. 

The Economist maintained that all funds which are being used for propaganda purposes can be directed to ensure the well-being of the people and to conduct development activities. 

Harsha De Silva lashed out at the ruling party’s election campaign by saying security personnel have been deployed to hang cut-outs and banners in several areas around Colombo. He added that this is a clear example of certain parties acting ‘above the law’.

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