Chandrani Rejects Crossover Claims In "Attanayake Way"

UNP MP Chandrani Bandara, who was present at the common opposition press conference today, denied rumours that she was going to cross over to the government, following the footsteps of Tissa Attanayake.

Chandrani Bandara is known to be a close friend of the former General Secretary of the UNP and recently certain media reports alleged that she had got a diplomatic posting for her son with the help of the UPFA government.

Speaking to reports in Colombo today, she rejected rumours saying she was born to UNP, was raised within a UNP background, will not disgrace her father or supporters by crossing over to the government. It was widely believed that she too would join the government this afternoon with the former General Secretary of the party. 

The 52 year old female politician is a longstanding member of the UNP and she represents the District of Anuradhapura.

Attanayake too, just few days before his crossover, reiterated that he would never leave the United National Party. 

Meanwhile, a senior spokesman of the government earlier told 'Asian Mirror' that three opposition MPs will cross over to the government this week. So far, only two MPs have crossed over and it is still not clear as to who will fill the third slot. 

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