Rathana Thera Bars Mervyn Silva's Crossover

JHU Parliamentarian and stalwart of the common opposition Athuraliye Rathana Thera has vehemently opposed any move to facilitate Public Relations Minister Mervyn's Silva's crossover, highly placed political sources told Asian Mirror.

Rathana Thera has informed several other leaders of the common opposition - including the leadership of the United National Party - that Mervyn Silva's crossover might boomerang on the common opposition and its political agenda in more ways than one.

It was widely speculated in the media that Minister Silva was preparing for a crossover and he has already removed his personal belongings from the ministry office. Sources of the opposition revealed that the Minister was trying to approach Matara District UNP Parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera to facilitate his crossover.

However, it is now learnt that Mervyn Silva's crossover will not take place as the move has not been welcomed by several leaders of the common opposition, including Rathana Thera.

Meanwhile, a section of UNP Parliamentarians too have raised strong objections over the matter, stating it would be a disastrous move from the viewpoint of the opposition. They have opined that Mervyn Silva is nothing short of a 'symbol' of the present deterioration of the country's state of affairs, under the UPFA government.

When asked about this matter a few days ago, the Minister responded to a journalist in filth -  saying he did not want to  meet anyone in the opposition.

" Who the hell is Maithripala?" Minister Silva asked the journalist.

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