"CBK Will Get A Deserving Post In SLFP": Maithri Tells Newspaper Editors

Common Candidate of the opposition Maithripala Sirisena, in his first meeting with newspaper editors and media heads, said former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga would get a “deserving position” in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) following his ascension to power.

Sirisena made this remark when an Editor asked him about the role the former President would play in his government, if he came to power. “She is an Advisor o the Sri Lanka Freedom Party but the present leadership does not seek her advice,” Sirisena said. At this point, an Editor asked whether should play a role similar to that of Sonia Gandhi in India when the Congress government was in power, the Common Candidate responded with his trademark giggle saying “We’ll see it later” (api eka ethakota balamu)

When asked whether the former President is controlling him, the Common Candidate said in no uncertain terms that no one could sway him, expect the people and his policies.

He also added that there was no “Computer gilmart” at the previous presidential election, as claimed by the opposition, and said that he had full faith in the Elections Commissioner.

Sirisena also added that he had no fear of a military takeover if and when President Rajapaksa is defeated. “No one can prevent our victory and I have full confidence in the armed forces,” the Common Candidate said.

Responding to the President's remark that the former President is his main opponent in the race, Sirisena said that President Rajapaksa must have been ashamed to admit that his former General Secretary was his main contender. 

“My election campaign is poor and humble. And even after I become the President I will stay in my own house and will not step into the Temple Tress or President’s House” he also added.

He clearly stated that the abolition of Executive Presidency does not amount to the abolition of the post. “The presidency will remain sans executive powers and there will be a general election following the implementation pof the 100 day programme,” he explained

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