Did Maithripala Wear A Bullet Proof Jacket For The Kandy Rally?

Questions have arisen whether Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena wore a Narendra Modi style suit yesterday to hide the bullet proof vest which he was wearing.

This was the first time, the Common Candidate appeared in public wearing a national suit and a waistcoat, resembling the dress of the Indian Prime Minister who rose to power early this year.

When contacted by Asian Mirror, a Parliamentarian of the opposition who has close relations with Maithripala Sirisena said, the common candidate his compelled to take certain precautionary measures as he has received a number of security threats. He said it was not safe to elaborate on the security measures as it would ultimately play into the hands of the government. 

However, the Parliamentarian did not directly say whether the Common Candidate was wearing a bullet-proof west at the election rally in Kandy yesterday.

“In the recent past, he wore similar waistcoats, but they were white in Colour. This was the first time he wore a beige colour one. That is why it drew the attention of media,” he added. “if the presidential candidate of the opposition has to wear a bullet-proof jacket in a country that is free of terrorism, it poses a serious question about the present state of affairs,” he also added. 

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