Buddhika Makes Announcement On Crossover Claims: "I Was Not Born To The Dog-breed"

UNP Parliamentarian Buddhika Pathirana said he was not born to the dog-breed and therefore would not cross over to the government, at any cost.

Making a special media statement on crossover claims, the Parliamentarian strictly denied rumours that he was going to cross over to the government. He also added he was never even approached by the opposition and the rumours were completely false and baseless.

“I do not eat from my posterior. I am a person who has signed with blood and pledged my support to the party. Therefore I have no intention of crossing over,” Pathirana asserted in his media statement this morning.

He added that some websites were trying to create a doubt about him in the minds of people by publishing “false stories” on his crossover. “I will never leave the United National party and it is up to the people o believe my word,” the Parliamentarian said.

He said it was a deliberate attempt to tarnish his image and to destroy his political career. While hosting a TV show on Sirasa TV, Pathirana expressed the same sentiments, a few days ago.

Pathirana is known to be a staunch supporter of  UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa. In the recent past, he faced various issues in the party including a suspension of his party membership and also a disciplinary inquiry.

However, his membership for restored several months later and the disciplinary inquiry was cancelled. 

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