Ranil And John Meet During Wattala Election Meeting

UNP National Leader attended the meeting of the Common Opposition in Wattala, which was organized by UNP Parliamentarian and Chief Opposition Whip John Amaratunga.

Multiple media reports stated that Amaratunga, one of the senior-most UNP politicians, was preparing for a crossover ahead of the presidential election. However, several spokespersons of the UNP denied the rumour on Thursday, saying Amaratunga was the one who initiated the opposition’s meeting in Wattala.

The Opposition Leader was not scheduled to attend the meeting in Wattala as he was engaged with some other work. But, at the last moment, he decided to take part in the meeting organized by Amaratunga – probably to send a positive message to the party supporters. Party sources said that the Opposition Leader seemed confident that the Chief Opposition Whip would not join the government. 

Meanwhile, speaking to Asian Mirror a few days ago, Amaratunga said  claims on crossovers were frivolous and he had no intension to support President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“The people who spread such stories are the ones who want to break the opposition. That is all I can say about the matter”, Amaratunga added. 

However, several spokespersons of the government have already stated that a senior Parliamentarian of the opposition will join the government in the near future. 

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