Disappointment For Opposition:Last Parliamentary Session Before Election Ends Without Crossovers

In what seems to be a temporary setback for the common opposition, the last Parliamentary session before the presidential election ended without any crossover from the government to the opposition.

The last Parliamentary session of the year ended without any major incident this evening, although the opposition expected at least two crossovers.

Yesterday, several spokespersons of the opposition predicted that the government would lose the two thirds majority in Parliament during the last session of the year. However, the two thirds majority of the government still remains intact.

The government too, on the other hand, expected that at least two opposition MPs would cross over to the government during the last session. Names of Palitha Range Bandara and John Amaratunga were mentioned in connection with possible crossovers.

The only significance of the day was that Amir Ali, an ACMC stalwart who was previously a member of the Eastern Provincial Council, taking oaths as a National List Parliamentarian of the UPFA. He was appointed to the slot which was left vacant by former MP A.H.M. Azwer, who resigned from his post two weeks ago.


Meanwhile, Wanni District MP Hunais Farook, who joined the UNP two and a half weeks ago, also sat in the opposition. A considerable number of Parliamentarians were absent in the House today as they were busy with election campaigns of their respective parties. 

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