"Govt Using Satellite Surveillance To Spy On Bedrooms Of UPFA MPs"

December 18, 2014

United National Party Anuradhapura district Parliamentarian P Harrison said that the government had fixed surveillance ‘satellites’ in government MP’s toilets and bedrooms in fear of crossovers.

This remark comes in the wake of the statement made by former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga that the government had made various moves to prevent its MPs from joining the opposition – such as offering “cash prizes” and giving them special perks and privileges.

Harrison however urged the parliamentarians of the UPFA to be vigilant on satellite surveillance over their houses. This is the first time the opposition has talked about “satellite surveillance” as a way of preventing crossovers from ruling party to the opposition. Sri Lanka has only used satellite surveillance for serious defence purposes, so far.

“Therefore,” the Parliamentarian said, “I advise the wives of ruling party Parliamentarians to be careful about their bedrooms.”

“The government knows that most crucial discussions take place inside bedrooms so that is why they are too much worried about bedrooms.”

Harrison also added that the ruling party was uncertain about the loyalty of their members and so they have taken steps to ‘spy’ on them. He added that the government was aware of possible crossovers and that they would go to any extent to prevent them.

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