Hirunika Expelled From SLFP: "MR Should Expel Drug Dealers First" - Hirunika

Western Provincial Councilor Hirunika Premachandra has been expelled from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) with immediate effect. 

She has already received a letter from the party with regard to the suspension and it is signed by party leader 

The letter states that Hirunika Premachandra’ has been removed from the SLFP as her actions tarnished the reputation of the party and that under the 15th clause of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s constitution, the party leadership is allowed rto suspend the membership of any one violates its code of conduct.

The letter also state that her membership has been canceled on December 9 with immediate effect.

In reponse to that,, Premachandra said on her Facebook profile that President Mahinda Rajapaksa should first remove the drug peddlers, rapists, child abusers, money launderers and thieves from the party. 

The Councilor also remarked that she never left the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, but the President and his government.

The photo of the letter Premachandra posted on her Facebook account is as below:



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