SSP Ranagala's Son "Shocked And Ashamed" Over His Father's Behaviour

SSP Premalal Ranagala’s son, Pradhan Ranagala has condemned the conduct of his father who recently used “police force” to disperse a protest by university students.

A protest carried out by university students in front of the University Grants commission (UGC) at Ward Place came under attack from Police early this week. Police also used tear gas to disperse university students who demanded immediate solutions to their grievances.

The opposition severely criticized the Police who attacked university students in a merciless manner and some pictures of the ‘attack’ went viral on social media over the past few days.

SSP Ranagala came under criticism from many quarters as the officer who ordered the Police to use its “force” against university students.

Pradhan Ranagala, on his Facebook page, has posted a picture of his father who was seen assaulting a university student with a baton. To accompany the picture, Ranagala, a young lawyer, has posted a comment saying he condemns the Police officers of “this nature “who are ready to stoop to any level to serve “the king”. He also said he was shocked and ashamed by this behavior.


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