The 'Toy Pistol Mayor' Says There Is Good Governance Today

Hambantota Mayor Eraj Fernando said that there was good governance in the Mahinda Rajapaksa government and his arrest was a good example for that.

He said this when he was released on bail yesterday, after his arrest following the incident where he allegedly led an attack on a Street Drama troupe in Hambantota.

Fernando denied the charges and said that the incident took place when he attempted to check the authorization for the stage drama event. Fernando said no prior permission had been obtained from local police for the event.

After the opposition leader of Hambantota Municiple Council Ayub Khan had made a passionate speech in the city, vowing to defeat the government on January 9, Fernando further said. At this moment, he claims that he asked to see authorization obtained for the event. The group surrounded him and attacked him, Fernando said, adding that he was saved by the people.

Several artists including veteran singer Jayathilaka Bandara were allegedly attacked in the incident.

Eraj Fernando made headlines several months ago for the “toy pistol incident” when he allegedly attacked a UNP fact finding mission.

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