Lakthilaka Asks Weerawansa To Read MR's Election Manifesto

Attorney at Law Shiral Lakthilaka has slammed Minister of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities Wimal Weerawansa for slinging mud at Maithripala Sirisena while not properly reading through Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election manifesto.

Lakthilaka argued that Rajapaksa has also promised many things promised by Sirisena but Weerawansa slings mud without taking that into consideration, he added.

He added that the government was releasing documents for people to read them and Weerawansa must do so.

Weerawansa has on several occations lashed at the Maithripala Sirisena’s policy statement for speaking nothing on the unitary state and the national security of the country. However, the opposition states that no clause in the constitution that is subjected to a referendum will be changed under a new government. Therefore, the unitary state of the country will not be challenged, the opposition has said.

Meanwhile, Weerawansa yesterday said that even though the opposition camp charged that the ‘secret agreement’ released to media by Tissa Attanayake was a forged documents, the opposition has never said that they will not implement the steps mentioned in it.

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