Namal Rajapaksa Lodges Complaint With Elections Commissioner Against State Media

December 26, 2014

Namal Rajapaksa, Presidential Candidate of Our National Front, lodged a complaint with the Elections Commissioner today over the conduct of state media with regard to the upcoming presidential election.

Rajapaksa, in his complaint, stated that state-run media stations were acting in a biased manner promoting only one candidate. He also added that elections laws do not allow state media to promote the candidature of any candidate contesting the presidential election. 

He added that the Elections Commissioner had necessary powers to rectify this situation and mete out justice to other candidates who are also running for presidency.

He also urged the Elections Commissioner to appoint a competent authority to overlook the operations of state run media stations.

Elections Commissioner strictly instructed state media to be fair by all candidates who are contesting the presidential election. He also convened a meeting a heads of all state media institutions to give special advice on how state media should operate ahead of the election. However, the opposition constantly alleges that state media is blatantly violating election laws and promoting only one candidate

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