President Blames Northern Provincial Council For Slowing Down Development

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today blamed  the Northern Provincial Council for not using the funds allocated to develop the area.

Speaking at a public rally at Jaffna a short while ago, President Rajapaksa said there was no way of solving problems faced by the people in the North unless their representatives talk to the government in power and inform the state authorities of the issues.

President added that the government had done a lot to develop the area after the three decade long war came to an end in 2009 and said that the government had provided major infrastructure facilities such as the trains, buses, health, education, sports facilities to the people living in the former war zone. 

“The war was there for thirty years, but development was for only five years. But people can see the change”, President Rajapaksa added.

The President also said that he does not say contradictory things to the North and Sounth. “We say the same thing to everyone in the country, unlike others.”

Meanwhile, the President also mentioned that Yaal Devi started its journey from Jaffna to Kankesanthurai today. 

The President specially appreciated the educational achievements of the students in Jaffna, and congratulated the student who became all island first in GCE A\L under Mathematics stream.

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